Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happily Ever After... is just the begining.

5 years ago I started blogging about my 27 years of life adventures and 12 years of my dating misadventures … I’ve had wild crazy passionate affairs, I’ve been skinny dipping in multiple countries, dated those professional extreme athletes, the bad guys, the firemen, actors, models, the stripper, the bartender… I’ve learned to surf, kick box, kayak, became a yoga master, gone vegetarian, vegan, ate for my blood type, drank champagne on the beach watching the sun rise, gone on road trips, traveled with my girls, hitch hiked, back backed, gone off roading, bailed a boyfriend out of jail, met more famous Actors/ Writers/ Directors/ Producers than most people can even name, worked on more than one top 10 TV show, and more than one canceled one, gotten reviewed in numerous papers. I’ve lived in New York, moved across the country to LA without knowing a soul, left a job without having another one lined up and learned how to live funemployment fabulously. I’ve died my hair platinum, brown, maroon, and finally back to its natural blond, I’ve broken someone’s heart and had my own broken (more than once!), broken my nose, sprained my knee and ankle, gotten multiple concussions, totaled a car (well had it totaled for me), been to multiple emergency rooms, gotten a tattoo, did a walking marathon, cheered my boyfriend on when he became an ironman, lost 5 dress sizes and 40 pounds (and gained and lost many more over the years) learned to mix the perfect drink (and began writing about it), hiked an active volcano, ran from a rattle snake, gotten stung by a jelly fish, sting ray, and had a man of war wrap itself around my body, gotten caught in a rip current, under a wave, knocked unconscious by my surfboard, and even learned to put on false eyelashes (hey that one was really hard!), Traveled Europe, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and of course the US, I’ve seen a ghost (I swear!), built a bonfire from scratch, thrown a black tie party, learned how to build a snowman, finally sung karaoke (ALONE!), gotten the answer right in final Jeopardy, built a website from scratch, met my idols, lit fireworks on the beach… in short I thought I’d experienced everything there is to in life… and then I met him. And now at 31, 1 ½ years after Mr. Hermosa and I began dating, and 2 years after we first met I’m starting to see that happily ever after is just the beginning in life and not the end as every Hollywood movie and fairytale will have you believe. But the question is what happens AFTER that happily ever after… after the initial honeymoon phase. After you begin living together. After you melt your life, your laundry and you home… After you stuff 3 bikes, 2 surfboards and 2 peoples’ lifetime of junk into 1 very small 1-bedroom beach apartment…

I've decided to start the Second chapter in Harts’ crazy life fresh with a new blog site. And maybe this chapter doesn’t have scandal… and more often than not sand on the floor and frustrated tears after another dinner I’ve butchered comes up in smoke… But it does have something that’s more important than perfect dinners and scandals and drama… it has real happiness.

So pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy as I stumble my way through domesticity- smile on my face and of course sexy stilettos on my feet. You can check out the new digs at:

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